About our Academy

The Academy…

Every year more and more people of various specialties are interested in investing their funds to receive passive income, the ability to independently influence profit growth, be independent of the employer, have more free time to be with family or travel, and all these opportunities are provided by training in various financial markets and the opportunity work on them yourself. The goal of our Academy is financial literacy, which will allow everyone to be independent and get what they deserve.

Our Tutors

All our teachers are professionals who have been working in the financial markets for over 10 years. Many of them now work in brokerage and investment companies and have not only modern methods of market analysis, but also the ability to use them to obtain more accurate financial predictions. We work on different markets: Equities, Options, Futures, Forex, and Crypto, the popularity of which is growing every year. All of us employees of the Academy have a higher financial education, our average age is 42 years, we are all passionate about what we do and are always happy to share our knowledge with you

Our Customers…

Our clients are individuals and companies of different levels of education and different ages. They live in more than 18 countries of the world, but all of them are united by one knowledge of the work of financial markets in order to get to work on them competently and make a decent profit. Anyone who has faith in what he does, faith in the knowledge upon which this belief is built. We value every client equally. Our task is to discover and develop the potential that exists in every person.