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Do you want to learn how to understand different markets, do technical analysis, make price predictions, buy and sell stocks, trade forex and cryptocurrencies?

We do not give official investment advice and are not responsible for possible financial losses during the trading process.

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Teaching Trading and Passive Income

  • Equity
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Commodities
  • ETFs
  • Indexes
  • Forex
  • Crypto

From Beginners to Adnands levels

Teaching Technical Analysis

  • Support & Resistance
  • Candlesticks
  • Market Structure
  • Elliot Waves
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • RSI
  • Moving Averages & Momentum
  • Ichimoku Clouds
  • Indicators
  • Order Flow & Whales
  • Risk Management

Analysing any stock (fundamental analysis)

  • Short intro about the company
  • Profitability and cash flow analysis through graphs, tables and explanations
  • Analysis of the company’s debt
  • Comparison with the main competitors in the same sector
  • Analysis of price multiples compared with competitors
  • DCF model



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The Academy offers a great learning experience for those interested in trading, and I have no hesitation in recommending it. So many products on the market simply don’t deliver, but The Academy has been more than obliging with its passion for helping you get an edge over your competition while still being successful at what they do! So if becoming successful is something important to you, invest today because tomorrow may never come…

The Academy of Trade provides an excellent service with personal attention to any questions that I had during my training and trading. Mike is an excellent teacher who takes time to answer any questions you may need assistance with during your learning process, making him stand apart from other instructors. Furthermore, as a complete beginner in the crypto market, he helped me understand how effective trade is and safe ones by providing technical indicators that can identify promising trades for myself. Therefore, there’s no hesitation in recommending this program!

I’m grateful for the invaluable lessons that have taught me throughout my trading journey, and I can’t thank Learn to Trade enough. From the basic rules of trading to brilliant strategies they’ve devised, their expertise was precise in providing instruction on how best to implement these methods into your own portfolio-building efforts!

I found trading to be a money-making machine. It’s the best investment ever, and it’s been the saving grace when my other investments fail me three times over! In addition, they are helpful with any questions or concerns you might have along your journey.

I’ve only been with the Academy for a short time, but I am already very impressed by their level of support and professionalism. They have helped me become committed to becoming a successful trader so far!

When I first started trading, the one thing that stressed me out more than anything else was making decisions and knowing how they would impact my future plans. The learn to trade program has helped change all of this by teaching tactics like scalping or bracketing, which give you an edge when it comes down to fast-paced markets, something no other form of educator taught us!

The technical analysis training course is excellent and will be invaluable for traders who want to become more confident with their strategies.



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